User Management

Quick Start

Users can be added from the accounts dashboard. Upon adding a user if they already have a BridgeBots account, they will be asked to log in. Otherwise, they will be asked to create an account via the Sign Up tab on the log in form.

When adding users, make sure you select an appropriate role. Some roles are quite powerful. See below for more details.

Changing User’s Email Address

All user accounts are tied to a specific email address. For security and simplicity in user management, whatever email address you add to your organization account will forever be the login for that particular user. If you wish to add a new email address, add a new user to the system using the desired email and remove the old user with the old email address.

User and Roles Basics

Once you have an account setup and access to an application, you can add as many users as the application allows.


Owner - Owners of the organization have full permissions in all applications.

Admin - Admins of the application can do everything as the owner, but edit owners of application or cancel the application.

Data Manager - Data managers of the application can make all mass data operations. They can undo/redo any changes made to the data by other users and manage the settings that control the structure of the data.

Campaign Manager - Campaign managers of the application have the power to finalize and execute a campaign.

User - Users can view almost everything, except for sensitive settings and data management areas. They can build smart lists, construct campaigns, and change data in limited ways.



BridgeBots is designed so that organizations and applications stand alone regardless of users. This creates considerable flexibility while giving organizations the ability to manage access to their applications securely. These advanced features include the ability to add the same BridgeBots’ user account to multiple organizations or change the owner of an organization account.

Multiple Organizations, Same Account

If the need arises for multiple organization accounts, you can use the same BridgeBots account to log in to each of them. Technically, you could have owner permissions on one account while only having user permissions of another account. To create a new organization account from your existing user account, visit your User Profile in your accounts dashboard.

Changing Owners

To change to the owner of an account, an existing owner must add a new user with owner permissions. There must always be at least one owner of an organization account.