To deliver a seamless experience, Marketing Core includes that ability to take immediate action with the Smart Lists you have created. Campaigns allow you to schedule communications via email, mail, or phone. You can then either trigger those communications to be sent directly from Marketing Core or export the data necessary for use with other systems.


Searching Campaigns Past/Present/Future

All Campaigns allows you to search campaigns in the past, present, and scheduled for the future. Campaigns can be sorted, ordered, filtered, and searched by several different parameters.

Active Campaign Button

You may occasionally need to leave the campaign you are currently working on, such as to build a new Smart List. When you leave your current campaign, the campaign builder icon turns into an Active Campaign button, so you jump back to the campaign dashboard

Campaign Dashboard

The Campaign Dashboard is the bird’s eye view of all the elements for your campaign. Campaign Dashboard allows to you make changes to the different aspects of your campaign, approve campaign execution, and retrieve campaign results.

Scheduling Campaign

Campaigns are designed so that you can set the time and date in which they are to be built/sent. The date/time must be set in the future.

If the system is responding with an error message stating that the time scheduled has already passed and it has not, make sure you are working in the right timezone. See More

Data Retention

For data security reason, exports created by campaigns will only be available for 14 days. After 14 days the exports will no longer be available for download.


Templates for building campaigns can be found in the Campaign Builder wizard. Email Templates can be created by using the Actions dropdown menu in the email editor and then saving the email item as it currently exists.

You can edit names and icons of Templates by visiting Marketing Core -> Dashboard -> Templates. The Templates section will also allow you to delete old or unwanted Templates.