Contact Manager


Contact Manager gives you the tools to manage and understand the contacts in your system.

List View

Contact Manager List View allows you to see contacts in a simple table format. Contact details can be viewed by clicking on the circle containing the contact initials.

Chart View

Contact Manager Chart View allows you to see a composite of all contact details in one screen. Contacts individual details cannot be viewed in Chart View. However, Chart View shows a composite of all data in currently filtered contacts, including contacts containing data items you may not know your search is picking up. Chart View is also beneficial in analyzing what data you have and what information is missing, as many of the charts in Chart View deal with the status of the data in your system.

Map View

Contact Manager Map View allows you to see contacts as they exist geospatially in the real world. Geospatial understanding gives you the ability to escape spreadsheets and create a more accurate model of your contact network. Contact details can be viewed by clicking on the pins on the map. The layers icon on the top right corner of the map allows you to toggle between the different group’s visibility.

Add/Edit Contact Manually


To add a contact manually from the Contact Manager go to Contact Manager -> Actions -> Add Contact


To edit a contact, click on any method that triggers the contact details modal, then select edit on the item you wish to edit.

Basic Geocoding

To give your data geospatial context, Marketing Core comes with basic geocoding functionality. The geocoding is a rough analysis, and it is recommended that you include better geospatial data if you are reliant on geospatial features.