Data Manager


Data Manager is a protected area of Marketing Core that gives certain users the ability to import/export data, view audit trails, and revert changes made to the system.

Data Uploader

The Data Uploader is one of the most powerful and versatile ways of interacting with Marketing Core. Data Uploader uses .csv formatted files to import and merge data with the system. Data Uploader files can be made on any spreadsheet program, such as Excel and should be saved as a .csv file with, separating the values and “ wrapping the fields (string delimiter). The columns can be laid out in any order, with each distinct entity having a continuous row. The columns should be labeled with fields headers below.

Columns that exist in the .csv upload file will attempt to merge with fields already in the system. If you do not wish to replace specific data fields in a given upload, leave that column out of the .csv upload. See More

  • entity_id
  • established_id
  • title
  • first_name
  • middle_name
  • last_name
  • suffix
  • gender
  • group
Contact Phones
  • phone1_label
  • phone1_value
  • phone2_label
  • phone2_value
  • phone3_label
  • phone3_value
Contact Emails
  • email1_label
  • email1_value
  • email2_label
  • email2_value
  • email3_label
  • email3_value
Contact Addresses
  • address1_label
  • address1_street_address_1
  • address1_street_address_2
  • address1_city
  • address1_state
  • address1_postal
  • address1_country
  • address1_latitude
  • address1_longitude
  • address2_label
  • address2_street_address_1
  • address2_street_address_2
  • address2_city
  • address2_state
  • address2_postal
  • address2_country
  • address2_latitude
  • address2_longitude
  • address3_label
  • address3_street_address_1
  • address3_street_address_2
  • address3_city
  • address3_state
  • address3_postal
  • address3_country
  • address3_latitude
  • address3_longitude
  • add_tags
  • remove_tags

Tags should be separated by commas to include multiple tags, i.e. `tag1,tag2,tag3` in add_tags or remove_tags fields.
Tags must also be set up in Application Configuration to be used in uploads. See More

Merging Data

Established Id Field

Marketing Core is designed to integrate with other software and data sources. One of the most useful features to achieve this is the established_id field. The established_id field should be used to store the primary key for your contacts as it relates to another system. If a contact has an id field that is already in use, setting that id field in the established_id field creates immense possibilities when it comes to syncing data and merging new information.

Merging Upload with Existing Marketing Core Data

Through the use of either the entity_id or the established_id, you can sync your new data uploads with your existing data. Marketing Core will replace old data with new data that is available in the upload. If no entity_id or established_id is used, Marketing Core will create a new entity_id and treat upload as new contacts.


Merging data is based on columns that exist in the upload, if you do not intend on updating specific columns, it is best to remove columns from the upload. However, as long as upload contains an appropriate entity_id or established_id data should be replaced in the system without harm.

Warnings and Errors

Marketing Core does its best to handle any errors gracefully. Most of the time if there is an error, a detailed explanation will show up in the message column of the Data Uploader History log. Follow the message instructions and try your upload again.

Marketing Core also can complete uploads with warnings. If for instance, you have uploaded a file that contains tags that are not configured in the system, it will submit all the data except the Tag that is not allowed. If you wish to add the Tag to the system, first add the Tag to the Application Configuration. Then update the contacts, or undo the file that caused a warning and upload everything again.

Revert Changes

Marketing Core allows certain users to undo changes made to the system. Any user that has access to Data Manager can undo/redo most actions that permanently impact the data. Changes can be made for 14 days before data is unable to be manipulated further.

Audit Trails

Inside the Data Manager, you will also find audit trails. These audit trails include the details of who did what and when the action took place.

Export Data

In case you ever want a copy of all your contact data. You may export all data from the Data Manager exporter. All exports triggered from anywhere in the system will also be available in the Export History audit trail.