Smart Lists


Filters created in the Filter Engine can be stored as a Smart List. Through saving the filter as a Smart List, the concept captured by the Filter Engine is preserved for future use. By storing the concept instead of the specific data, the Smart List becomes self-managing. As the data in your organization changes, such as your relationships to contacts, Smart Lists are automatically updated.


Smart Lists are immutable or unable to be changed. Smart Lists may be deleted from the system only after they are no longer in use by any other element of the system. This includes the possibility of being reintroduced into usage, such as if something using that Smart Lists has been deleted, but still has the potential to being reverted to active use. Items that you wish to remove, but are still in use are recommended to be deprecated. For more details on Smart List settings visit, Marketing Core - Setup

Adding a Smart List

Once you have a filter from the Filter Engine in the Contact Manager, you can save that filter as a Smart List by using the Contact Manager -> Actions -> Store as Smart List button.

Smart Lists Library

Saved Smart Lists can be launched from the Smart List library. The Contact Manager Filters dropdown also allows you to launch filters from the Smart List library.